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Nick J Francis 

Global Intelligence Bureau, Inc.  
New York, NY

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New York, NY
Global Intelligence Bureau, Inc.
244 Madison Avenue, Ste: 1617
New York, NY 10016

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Nick Francis started his career in 2003 by getting drafted in the Hellenic Army for a year and half obtaining the rank of Sergeant. After getting honorably discharged from the Hellenic Army in 2004, he moved to the United States in which in due time by 2008 he joined the CO-OP City Police Department and was assigned by the confines of the NYPD’s 45th Precinct as a patrol officer. Quickly, Nick made his way into the plainclothes Anti-Crime unit in which he conducted numerous criminal investigations involving narcotics and organized crime. Nick has over 500 arrests in his career as a police officer including a homicide, robberies, burglaries, narcotics and felony assaults to name a few​.

In 2005, Nick also joined the New York State Guard and was honorably discharged in 2014 with the rank of Private First Class. Nick had training in Search & Rescue Bravo, Hazardous Materials Mass Decontamination (CERF-P) "Hot Zone" Specialist and his primary M.O.S. was 11C - Indirect Fire Infantryman and is a certified Military Emergency Management Specialist.

As a peace officer, Nick’s most notable case was obtaining information on the then Albanian Mafia known as the “Rudaj Organization” based in Astoria, New York. ( His information obtained during that period helped the NYPD to make more than two dozen high profile arrests including the head of the organization “Alex Rudaj” which then was made into a RICO case for several crimes to include extortion, illegal gambling, illegal firearms and other related criminal charges.

In 2010, Nick started moonlighting as a private investigator for a national private investigative firm specializing in insurance fraud investigations.

In 2011, Nick resigned from the police force he was a part of and entered the private investigative industry on a full-time basis and by 2013, Nick obtained his New York Private Investigator license and opened his company in Kew Gardens, New York. As a private investigator, Nick has conducted thousands of investigations ranging from, insurance fraud, domestic, insurance, civil and criminal.

In 2017, Nick expanded his company in the State of Florida and covers both States. In 2018, Nick also obtained his New York State Bail Bondsman license and became an officer of the courts authorized to post bond and release defendants while awaiting trial under his supervision

During his career as a soldier with the New York Guard, peace officer and as a private investigator, Nick has attended several training programs with the Department of Defense, FEMA and various private sector organizations and is a certified Surveillance investigator, Criminal Investigator, Social Media Analyst, Background Specialist, Certified Missing & Exploited Children Investigator, Insurance Claims Investigator and is a Military Emergency Management Specialist, FEMA Certified and an Emergency Management First Responder to name a few.

Nick is also a licensed Bail Enforcement Instructor and a Bail Enforcement Agent in the State of New York and his company is also an approved educational institute authorized to administer several courses recognized by New York State.