Seminar Speakers, Bios and Topics

Jimmie Mesis - Bio:

1st & 2nd sessions Wednesday 29th he will present (2) 50-minutessessions with the following topics:

• Internet Marketing on a Shoestring

Your website ranking can mean the difference between success and failure. Attendees will learn the most current and effective proven techniques to achieve a page 1 ranking on Google You will also learn how to take advantage of the latest algorithms used to rank websites. Many business owners are unaware that their current websites are being penalized for not being “responsive” or improperly coded and how this can easily be fixed. What you don’t know can be causing you to lose acquiring new clients.

• How to Identify Modern Day Eavesdropping and Bug Detection
There is a quiet epidemic of individuals and businesses being targeted with hidden cameras, listening devices and GPS trackers. While potential clients may initially come across as being a member of the tin hat club, there are actually those who have been targeted for eavesdropping, monitoring, and harassment. Attendees will learn how to help potential clients who have privacy concerns and are seeking confirmation of suspicions and peace of mind.

Claire Lavelle -  Bio:

3rd session Wednesday 29th she will present one hour sessions with the following topic:

Cyber Security for Small Businesses
Have you received an email lately from Fedex about a packet asking you to check its delivery status?
How are you managing all those passwords for the 100 sites that you visit?
Do you think you should use your smart phone to pay at the grocery stores?

If you have answered “yes” to the first question, don’t know if the way you manage your passwords is secure, or don’t think one should use their phone to pay for anything, this presentation is for you! During this presentation, participants will be introduced to cyber security topics most relevant to small businesses, like scams and frauds, mobile devices security, privacy issues and data security. The goal of this presentation is to provide actionable, practical and feasible solutions to protect small business from cyber threats. 

If you have questions about any of the topics below, this seminar is for you!
• Data security
• Privacy issues
• Scams and Fraud
• Network and Website security (including Email and Mobile devices)
• Employees
• Facility and Operational security
• Payment cards
• Incident response and reporting
• Policy development and management

Ed Martin - Bio:

4th session Wednesday 29th he will present one hour sessions with the following topic:

Financial Fraud Investigations / Forensic Audits Using Financial Software
The subject will be on the use of Quick Books and similar popular financial software and the audit report in financial fraud investigations. Two investigative scenarios will be presented where the Experts use of the Audit report was pivotal in establishing fraud and theft. One case resulted in a criminal prosecution and the other, damages were aware of $1.3 million by the jury.