John J. Duffy Memorial Achievement Award

Named for our first President, John J. Duffy of Davenport, Iowa, founder of Per Mar Security Services, the "Duffy" is the Council’s highest honor. The award is presented every other year to an NCISS regular member, “who by their specific deeds and accomplishments has exhibited the highest standards of conduct and service to the private investigation and security service industries.” 

In alternate years the “Duffy” is awarded to a person or entity outside the regular membership, who for their specific service, heroism or other exemplary deed is being honored by the Council. 

2018 John J. Duffy Memorial Achievement Award Recipients

Agent David Bailey 
Rep. Steve Scalise, House Majority Whip  
Agent Crystal Griner 

Agents who epitomize what is best about the profession.  Agents Griner and Bailey were called to step up to the plate, ironically, at a baseball field.  Like many heroes, they have modestly said that they just followed their training.  Maybe so, but we also know that they courageously reacted with fearless determination. 

This was not a fair fight.  The assailant was armed with a rifle and the agents with just hand guns.  Yet in spite of their own injuries, they were able to advance and neutralize the shooter.  They are truly heroes.

The Capitol Police are extremely proud and their alma maters at Hood College and North Carolina Central University are singing their praises too.

Duffy Award You tube presentations - 24 minutes

Past Recipients of The John J. Duffy Memorial Achievement Award 

(1985) Joe Duncan of Nashville, Tennessee, NCISS first Chairperson

(1986) The International Association of Chiefs of Police, IACP

(1987) Bert Hinds, of Cincinnati Ohio, past president of NCISS

(1988) Edward del Pino, the off-duty security officer and hero of the Staten Island ferry massacre who disarmed a sword-wielding attacker

(1989) Eddy McClain; of Fallbrook, California past president of NCISS

(1990) William Salud, Editor, accepted for the magazine SECURITY

(1991) Charles E. Dennis of Severna Park, Maryland past president NCISS

(1992) Vincent Ruffolo of Chicago, Illinois, past president of NCISS, perennial chair Security Companies Organized for Legislative Action (SCOLA)

(1993) Robert McCrie of New York, Editor of Security Letter

(1994) Ralph Day of Jackson, Mississippi, past president of NCISS

(1995) Harry Rakosky, the vacationing security director who tackled and disarmed an attacker who was machine gunning the White House

(1996) Bruce Hulme of New York City, past president of NCISS

(1997) Los Angeles Police Department, Threat Management Unit

(1998) Gary Kuty of Columbus, Ohio, past president of NCISS

(1999) Rick Massimei, Chairman of the Private Security Council of ASIS and Vice Chair of NASCO

(2000) Michael Duffy of Davenport Iowa, past president of NCISS

(2001) Lawrence Sabbath, Vice President of Sellery Associates, NCISS 'Lobbying firm in Washington D.C.

(2002) Kenneth Romine of Columbus, Ohio, past president of NCISS

(2003) Bruce Brownyard, Brownyard Programs, Ltd.

(2004) Robert A. Heales, R.A. Heales & Associates, Ltd.

(2005) U.S. Representative Pete Sessions, Dallas, Texas

(2006) Brian P. McGuinness - Coral Gables, Florida - past president of NCISS

(2007) PI Magazine - Freehold New Jersey

(2008) Detective Thomas G. McHale, Jr. - Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department

(2009) Jim Carino Jr. from Executive Security Consultants, Gladwyne, PA, founder of Intellenet

(2010) Officer Joseph E. Cistaro, is a Command Sergeant Major in the Illinois Army National Guard who has seen Afghanistan combat and whose military awards include the Bronze Star. Officer Cistaro epitomizes our brave men and women who serve and protect us at home and abroad.

(2011) Roy C. Bucklin - Wheeling, Illinois, past president of NCISS and webmaster.

(2012) The Molly Bish Foundation 

(2013) Maria Vinson Landry - Lacombe, LA, past president of NCISS

(2014) Francie Koehler - of Oakland, CA,. past president of NCISS and Chair of Legislative Committee for Investigations.

(2016) Robert Perry - Robert H. Perry & Associates, Incorporated of Greensboro, NC.

(2017) Dean Beers - Associates in Forensic Investigations, LLC

(2018)  Agents David Bailey and Crystal Griner - Washington DC Capitol Police