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 Congratulations goes to Continental Secret Service Bureau, Inc. in celebrating 100 Years in business April 19, 2019.  Wayne J. Wunder, security pioneer and founder of Continental Secret Services and past President of NCISS (1984 -1985), is a prestigious memorial award given to a dedicated NCISS member every year.    

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Privacy is one of the top regulatory and legislative topics nationally and states.
The new Congress for 2019 has promised a very busy year for the Investigation & Security professions for continued access to records and data.
Stay tuned - we expect to be posting updates as they happen!

NCISS / Lobbyit Monthly Reports

In late June, the sharp-eyed Francie Koehler notified Lobbyit of new data privacy law in California which seriously threatened to undermine the ability of private investigators to conduct their business. The measure began life as a proposed ballot initiative, but morphed into legislation when California legislators agreed to move on the issue with alacrity.  The provisions largely mirror the European Union's (EU) sweeping General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • NCISS Montly Report from Lobbyit for May 2018

    In the month of May, Lobbyit participated in a conference call with other Security Service providers (and some NCISS members) to discuss Senator Toomey's Private Security Officer Screening Improvement Act (PSOSIA), followed-up with Senator Toomery's staff per the bill, and met with Senate Judiciary Committee minority counsel to discuss the situation.

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The new Congress has just come into session – stay tuned!
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