Standing Committees


Candace Ivey (Chair), Maria Landry, Brad Duffy

Budget & Finance Candace Ivey (Chair), Brad Duffy, Terry Myer, Andrea Orozco

James Huckabee (Chair), Mike Duffy, Brad Duffy

Investigation Francie Koehler (Chair), Gene Ferraro, Ed McClain, Brian McGuiness, Jim Zimmer, Mark McClain & James Huckabee

Nominating Committee Dean Beers (Chair) ,Maria Landry (Past President), Bob Heales (Past President)

Special Committees:

ASIS Standards and Guidelines
Gene Ferraro (Chair)
Awards    Eddy McClain (Chair)
Bylaws  John Talaganis
John Talaganis (Chair)  Bob Heales (Past President)
Parliamentarian John Talaganis (Chair)
Conferences and Meetings Dean Beers (Chair), Andrea Orozco, Mark Gillespie
Dean Beers
Ethics Committee Dale Wunderlich (Chair)
List Serve Eddy McClain  (Chair)
Membership Development Recruitment    Brandy Lord (Chair) - (Investigation) , Dean Gluth  (Security) Brad Duffy
NCISS PAC Chairman Terry Myer
NCISS PAC Treasurer Candace Ivey
NCISS PAC Assistant Treasurer Mike Duffy
Public Relations  Wes Bearden (Chair), Dean Gluth, Dean Beers
Dean Gluth (Chair), , 

Roy Bucklin (Chair),

 Vendors & Sponsors Andrea Orozco (Chair), Terry Myer, Dean Gluth, Brandy Lord