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02/20/2014 - NCISS Legislative Alert - Advance Notice:

Legislative Alert
February 20, 2013

Advance Notice:  "Hearing" on Death Master File


Though not yet publicly announced, the Commerce Department is expecting to hold a hearing, or "listening session" on the development of the regulations for access to the Death Master File (DM) on or about March 4in Crystal City, Va.  Commerce will be on "receive" during this hearing, and are soliciting input from affected parties prior to the development of the proposed rule.

Pursuant to the statute, Commerce must issue regs within 90 days of the law's ratification.   Consequently, by law a rule must issue by March 26.

Commerce does not believe, however, that this 90 day period is sufficient to craft a proper rule, and therefore expects to issue an "interim final" rule by March 26.  This interim final rule will then be open for public comment.

There is no requirement for how long Commerce must then take before it issues "final" final regs on the matter, providing NCISS significant opportunity to ensure that the final regs preserve our ability to access the DMF in a consistent, reasonable and affordable manner.

More information about the hearing will follow when it is publicly announced.

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